Inquire about couples offerings and on-site services. I will come to you. Timothy E. Marable is a Nationally Certified, State Licensed, ABMP Insured Massage Therapist; AOS, and National Technical Honor Society Member.



  Mary Ann Alberino Email: Comments: absolutely magnificant experience! I am here visiting my daughter and was treated to a maasage with Timothy.  ALthough I have had many massages in the past, his most definetely ranked at the top of the list - it was very evident that he truly loves his profession (dare I say, calling)and only wants the very best experience for his clientt - which I absolutely received. I will make it a point to schedule many more massages with him each time I return to Richmond.

 Aaron Banner Email:    Comments: This was hands down THE best massage I've ever had. I met the owner, Timothy, while I was visiting a friend who has an office in Hanover Plaza. He was very pleasant in extending an invitation to us to pay him a visit. The reception area is a modest office space but adequate for the intake process. I was impressed by the size of the treatment room. Had I brought along a friend, they would have been quite comfortable relaxing in the room with me. The massage therapy I received addressed every issue I pointed out during my consultation. Timothy found areas of tension I didn't even know I had. He also educated me on his findings both during and after the session. I would recommend Timothy to anyone in need of a great massage therapist.

  Betty Cousins Email: Comments: Good provider of excellent massage process. Very professional, yet had personality and made sure you were pleased with his service. Highly recommend to others.


Gary Rafferty: Comments: 

 Tim has done wonders to help my right shoulder and lower back.  He knows what he's doing and I always enjoy talking with him until the massage puts me to sleep.  Recommend him 100%


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